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The Terhune family has been researched by numerous genealogists and many of them have published excellent books.  Probably the definitive work is A Terhune Family History and Genealogy by Charles Terhune Duncan.  The most interesting one to me was compiled and edited by Gloryanna Terhune of La Canada, California, published in 1997.  She documents the Terhune family from the immigrant ancestor from Holland down to the present generation.  The book is entitled The Terhune Family in a Direct Line from the Dutch Immigrant Ancestor to the Current Descendant, Charles Houston Terhune, Jr. and I recommend it highly.


Another book I recommend to anyone interested in the Terhune family history in Kentucky is The Low Dutch Company, A History of the Holland Dutch Settlement of the Kentucky Frontier, Vol. LV, No. 2, Part I, by Vincent Akers, published in 1980.


I also have a partial copy of the typewritten   A Record of the Family of Isaac Van Nuys  by Carrie Allen (1916) which is the first record I found of my own great-grandmother.


The Terhune family also has an excellent website at


See photos of some Terhunes on this website:


 There are numerous genealogies posted on,, Rootsweb, and the LDS website at  There are mostly minor differences in dates and spelling, especially of the numerous French and Dutch names of the early generations.


What follows is a very brief summary of material I have collected from all of the above sources.


 Family lore says the ancestors of the Terhunes were French Huguenots run out of France due to their religious beliefs in the 16th and 17th centuries.  Those who fled to Holland were absorbed into Dutch culture, adopted the Dutch language, and became members of the Dutch Reformed Church.


In the 17th century, Dutch Reformed Huguenots settled in Long Island, New York, and in northern New Jersey.  As Gloryanna Terhune wrote, "They were industrious, enterprising and honest; and rapidly transformed the wilderness of this underdeveloped country into fruitful fields and blooming orchards and gardens."  After several generations, Terhunes joined the move westward, pouring into southeastern Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky.  These were educated people who, in addition to farming, built schools and organized churches.


 Origin of the Name TERHUNE


After coming to America, Albert Albertse, the immigrant ancestor, chose the name Ter Huinen (ter meaning "from that place," and Huinen being the name of the village in Holland where he had lived.)   His second name “Albertse” indicates he was the son of Albert.  There were many variations in spelling in early documents, but eventually the name has become Terhune.



1st generation

From Holland to America

Albert Albertse

NOTE:  All dates should be considered “about” because all the different  published genealogies  do not agree.  All spellings of names should also be considered approximate because, once again, the different published genealogies do not agree. Some genealogies give the English equivalent of a Dutch name (Gertrude for Geertje, for example).

Albert Albertse
was born about 1619, evidently in Huinen, Gelderland Province, Holland, where his father had located after fleeing from France. 
He was French Protestant (Huguenot).  In December 1637 he arrived in Flatlands, Long Island, New Amsterdam  aboard a Dutch vessel named the Calmar Sleutel.   I also found this ship called the Kalmar Slentel. (But see note below).   In 1647 he married Geertje (Gertrude) who was born about 1622,  probably in the Netherlands.  Gloryanna Terhune's book names Tenunis Denyse and  Phoebe Felix as the parents of Geertje, but that is disputed by
M. Freas who cites NYG&B Record V, 13 Apr 1992, p. 65, "The True
Identity of John Sales Alias Jan  Celes of Manhattan."

One biography reported that Albert was a ribbon weaver by trade but when he failed
at that, he became a farmer.  He rented and cultivated a farm for more than 20 years,
then in 1660 he purchased 50 acres of land, and in 1665 he purchased more land.

Albert's and Geertje's names appear on the records of the Dutch Reformed Church
of Flatlands as members in 1677.

In some genealogy materials it is stated that in 1685 "Albert Albertse and Jacques Cortelyou and their associates obtained from Governor Carterett a patent for 5,000 acres  in Aquaekanock on the Passiac River in Bergen County, East New Jersey. 
This purchase was the beginning of the settlement that eventually became the town of Hackensack."  (quoted on page 3 of  Gloryanna Terhune’s book).  The Terhune history on the Terhune Family Home Page raises doubts about this purchase of land but says it was definitely Albert’s son Jan who moved to New Jersey and “built the first gambrel roofed house in that area.  No longer in existence, it is pictured in a 1934 newspaper article.”

Albert Albertse died in Flatlands, Long Island, in New Amsterdam in 1685.  His wife Geertje died in 1693.  They had 8 children, all born in the Flatlands.  The oldest was next in our direct line:

 i.        Jan Albertse TERHUNE (born 1648, died 1705)


N. Terhune, an 11th generation descendant of the Bergen, NJ Terhunes, sent me the following email on 21 July 2012:

- We don't know Albert the immigrant's birth year, or the date and place of his marriage and his son Jan's birth and baptism.

- There's no evidence connecting Albert with the ship Kalmar Sleutel (Swedish ship, called Kalmar Nyckel by the Dutch, both meaning "Key of Kalmar"). The passenger
Elbert Elbertse was mistaken for Albert Albertse long ago, and it's most likely that the perpetuation of this is the problem. They were definitely different people, the most striking proof being the two deeds (extant) between them. Elbert Elbertse is later recorded with the surname Stoothoff. It's unlikely that Albert could have been in New Netherland for 12 years before the first record of him.

- Jan did not "definitely" settle in NJ and build the first gambrel house there. That was Albert Jr.

- The patent to Albert (Sr. or Jr.) and others for land in Acquackanonk was not the Acquackanonk Patent of 5000 acres; it was the Saddle River Patent of 5320 acres 14 Apr 1682 (East Jersey Records of "Patents, etc.," Liber no. 4). I could explain the confusion, if you really want to know. The latter was protested by John Berry in 1686 and re-granted to the patentees in 1687 for 4000 acres. It's not clear which Albert was a grantee. I suspect that it was Albert Jr., who settled in the area, but we don't know. The 1687confirmation came after Albert Sr.'s supposed death - but we don't know that he died in 1685; only that he disappears from the records after witnessing a baptism 22 Feb 1685 and did not take the oath of allegiance with Jan in 1687. It's curious that in the 1682 patent, whichever Albert it is is called "Capt." I haven't seen that anywhere else. We know that Jan was called "Captain."


2nd generation


Jan Albertsen Terhune



Annetje Roelefse Schenck



Jan (John), the oldest son of Albert Albertse Terhune, the immigrant, was born in 1648 in Flatlands, Long Island Dutch Colony, New Amsterdam.  He married (1) Annetje Roelefse Schenck at Flatlands, 1 Jul 1683; she was born in 1663, the daughter of Roelof and Neeltze (Van Covenhoven) Schenck; she died in 1688.  He married (2) Margrietje Van Sychellen (Van Sycklen) on 6 Jun 1691; she was born 1663, the daughter of Ferdinando and Eva Antonise (Jansen) Van Sycklen.    Herbert S. Ackerman in his 1946 Descendants of Albert Albertse  Terhune says Annetje’s parents might have been Marten Schenck and Margreetje De Rockhurst.


Jan Albertse(n) was a farmer at Flatlands and a member of the Dutch Reformed Church.  His name occurs on the church records in 1677, and he was elected as a Deacon in 1687.  He was interested in social, political, and military affairs of his community.  He imported brick from Holland to build his house  (Descendants of Albert Albertse Terhune by H.S. Ackerman, 1946, p. 1).


In 1687 he took the oath of allegiance to the English crown, according to A History of Kings County by Rev. Auson DuBois, p. 68.  He served as a Lieutenant in the Militia in 1691, and Captain in the Militia in 1700.


In 1690 he and others obtained a tract of land near Duck Creek at St. John's, on the Delaware River. 


His first wife Annetje died in 1688 at the age of 25.  His will dated 20 Feb 1696 is recorded on p. 296 of Lib. 2 of Conveyances in the Office of the Regulations of Kings County.   He signed his name Jan Albertsen Ter Hunen.  He died in about 1705.


Jan Albertsen and his first wife Annetje had three children (according to Gloryanna Terhune; the LDS website lists four children).   The second child is next in our direct line:


          ii.       Roelof Janse Terhune (b. 1686, d. 13 Apr. 1761.)


Jan and his second wife Margreetje had four children.



3rd generation


Roelof Janse Terhune



Marretie Wyckoff



Roelof Janse Terhune, son of Jan Albertse(n) and Annetje Roelofse Schenck Terhune, was born at Flatlands, Long Island, in 1686.  On 5 May 1706, in Flatlands, he married Marretie (Maryke) Wyckoff, daughter of Gerret Pieterse and Catherine Johanna Nevius Wyckoff.  Marretie was born about 1688.


Roelof was a farmer in Flatlands, and an elder in the Dutch Church.  In 1715 he was Captain in the Fifth Company of Kings County Militia.


He died 13 Apr 1761 according to an posting entitled Voorhees Genealogy Database.  Gloryanna Terhune’s book says his will dated 20 Feb 1753 was probated 13 Apr 1761 (recorded on p. 3 of Lib. 23, New York Sur. Off.).  The first part is quoted in her book on page 9: 


Feb. 20, 1753

I, Roelof Terhuen of Grovesend in Kings County, being very sick, will that after payment of debts ... I leave to my son Garret, my great selver kop [silver cup], and my keenen swoord [keen sword], and my leder britses [leather breeches], and the selver botten hoels [silver buttonholes].  I give to my son Roelof a gun; to that child of my son Albert named Roelof, my gun and Great Byble.  To son Albertus, all that farm where I now live, and the meadow that lies in Flatlands, and he shall pay 150 pounds to each of my five daughters...."


Roelof and Marretie had eight or nine children, depending upon which research is read, the second of whom is next in our direct line:


          ii.       Garret Terhune, b. 30 Aug 1709; d. 20 Sept 1781


4th generation


Garret Terhune



Alice Stephense Voorhees


Garret Terhune, son of Roelof and Marretie Wyckof Terhune, was born 30 Aug 1709 in Flatlands, Long Island.  He moved to New Jersey where in 1730 he married Alice Stephense Voorhees, daughter of Stephen Coerte Voorhees and Agatha Van Dyke Voorhees of New Brunswick, NJ.  They lived in Millstone, Somerset County, New Jersey. 


Garret died 20 Sept 1781 in Millstone, NJ, at age 72.  His will was probated in 1781 bequeathing his great Dutch Bible to his son, Garret.


They had five known children born in Millstone, Somerset County, NJ.  Next in our direct line is Stephen:


                  Stephen Terhune, b. 27 Nov. 1735, d. 29 Apr. 1814.


5th generation


Stephen Terhune



Margrietje (Marget) Cornell



Stephen Terhune, son of Garret Terhune and Alice Voorhees Terhune, was born 27 Nov. 1735, in Millstone, New Jersey.  He married Margrietje (Marget) Cornell on 5 Sept 1755.  Margrietje had the same birth date as Stephen, 27 Nov. 1735; she was born in New Brunswick, Somerset County, NJ, the daughter of William and Gretye Cornell.


Beginning with Stephen and Marget, much of the Terhune record was written down in Carrie Allen’s typewritten Van Nuys Family History, published in 1916.  This description of Marget appears on page 16:


Marget was a large woman of a pronounced blonde type, with a ruddy face, fine blue eyes, plenty of freckles, and a lot of bright red hair.  This type still appears in profusion among her descendants even to the sixth generation.


Stephen and Marget lived on a farm near Harlingen, New Jersey.  In this favored region, they lived content.  Their farm more than supplied the needs of their growing family and they took life easy.  Of winter evenings they sat before their cheerful fire of logs and read their Dutch Bible by the light of tallow candles."


They spoke both English and Dutch, and they attended the Dutch Reformed Church.  Stephen and Margrietje joined the Harlingen Reformed Dutch Church (called the Six-Mile Run Church) 30 Oct. 1776 on "confession of faith."  Stephen became a Deacon 6 Jul 1777, and an Elder 2 May 1787. 


According to Gloryanna Terhune, their family Bible is still in existence in Blawenburg, NJ.  and records the names and dates of birth of their ten children.  Over half of the entries were written in Dutch.


The American Revolution


Stephen fought in the American Revolution.  He was a Corporal in the Somerset County Militia of New Jersey.  Gloryanna Terhune’s book quotes the DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Part III, p. 2903.


Stephen died 23 Apr 1814 in Millstone, at age 79.  Marget died in Millstone 6 Sept 1815, age 80.  They are buried at Ditmars Burying Grounds, Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, NJ.


Some researchers say he died in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.


They had 9 or 10 children, the oldest of whom is next in our direct line:


           i.        Garret Terhune (b. 25 Jul 1756), d. 8 Feb. 1821).


The Six-Mile Run Reformed Dutch Church records spelled the name Terhunen.


Garret and the next oldest son William both married into the Van Nuys family.  Garret married Catherine Van Nuys, daughter of Isaac and Flora Quick Van Nuys.  William married Catherine's cousin, Maria Van Nuys, daughter of John Van Nuys.


6th generation

The Kentucky Pioneers


Garret Terhune



Catherine Van Nuys



Garret Terhune was born July 25, 1756, in New Brunswick, NJ, the oldest son of Stephen Terhune and Marget Cornell Terhune.  On 3 Sept 1778 he married Catherine Van Nuys, eldest daughter of Isaac Van Nuys and Flora Quick Van Nuys.


Catherine Van Nuys was born in about 1761 in Millstone, New Jersey.


The Revolutionary War


Garret fought in the American Revolution as a Sergeant in Captain James Moore's company of the New Jersey Militia in the regiment commanded by Colonel Silvanns Seeley at Elizabeth Town.  He was a Minuteman with Somerset County.  Gloryanna Terhune’s book references A roll of Captain James Moore's Company, Colonel Seeley's Batallion, Somerset County Military; No. 1508.  February 26, 1778 to March 28, 1778.  Garrett  Terhune is also listed on a website entitled NJ Militia:  This is a list of the men who served under Capt. Jacob Ten Eyck in the Revolutionary War at different times from 1775 to 1781Millstone, where Catherine was born, "was in the British line of march, and considerable damage seems to have been done by the British troops to livestock, fences, and buildings, on their way back to New York.” (quoting from the Van Nuys book, page 16).


The Move to Kentucky


In Gloryanna Terhune’s book (pp. 17-18) is a great story of the migration to the new state of Kentucky.  Garret and Catherine lived near Harlingen, New Jersey, where their first six children were born.  In 1793, the year after Kentucky was admitted to the Union, they, with Garret's brother William and a large company of others from New Jersey, emigrated to Harrod’s Station near Salt River, Mercer County, Kentucky.  "The people journeyed in great heavy wagons, camping at night along the wilderness road.  They wearily crossed the mountains near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, coming at last to the upper waters of the Ohio River.  There they exchanged their wagons for flatboats and dropped down the river to Limestone, now called Maysville.  Again wagons were set in motion heading for the upper Salt River above Harrod's Station.  It took three months to make the trip."


"At night they would halt by a spring of water, and on the Sabbath they rested.  Hunters along the way helped with the food.  Cows were milked in the morning and the milk was put in teapots.  By night because of the rough jolting of the wagons the milk had turned to butter, ready for use."  (quoting Mud-Meeting House, p. 15; quote by Mr. Cornelius Terhune of Nevada, KY).


The people worshiped in their homes until 1796 when the Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church in Hackensack, NJ, sent a missionary to the Salt River country where he organized the church.  After his departure, the immigrants set actively to work to build a churchhouse.  Eventually, land for the church site and cemetery was purchased; and so the Mud Meeting-House was constructed.  There are a number of Terhunes buried in the cemetery.


Garret bought 600 acres of land at $4.00 per acre in 1797, where they built a comfortable home, and here they spent the remainder of their lives.  Four more children were born in Kentucky.


He was a slave holder, as shown by the settlement of his estate which is recorded in the Mercer County Court Record and begins:  "An inventory of the appraisement of the personal propety and the slaves of Garret Terhune, deceased, late of Mercer County, Kentucky." 


The majority of records , including DAR Book Vol. II) indicate Garret drowned in the Salt River on 8 Feb 1821 (at the ford, on the "Max" Mackville Road, just above the water work plant of Harrodsburg, KY) (Gloryanna Terhune, p. 18).   Another researcher says he died in 1845.  His tombstone says 11/27/1820.


He left his Revolutionary musket and bayonet to some of his descendants. (Van Nuys, p. 30)


Catherine died 14 July 1833.


In the Van Nuys Family History, p. 30, written in 1916, is this description of Garret Terhune's grave as it was at that time:


In the old Peter (Houchins/Terhune) Terhune family burying ground (also known as the Oakland Methodist Cemetery) three miles west of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, off of the Mackville-Harrodsburg Pike, on Oakland Lane, in the area called Mount Pleasant, there is a rough sandstone slab, weatherbeaten and moss-grown, on which may be deciphered the letters G.T.; and that is all that remains to mark the resting place of Garret Terhune, Revolutionary soldier and pioneer of Mercer County, Kentucky.


However, on Memorial Day 1964, the DAR celebrated Garret Terhune as a Revolutionary Patriot.  They placed a headstone with a DAR plaque in the Revolutionary Acre, Pioneer State Park, in old Fort Harrod.  The plaque gives his rank, regiment, birth date and date of death.  (From a Harrodsburg, KY newspaper article about the Memorial Day program held on Sunday, June 14, 1964).  (Gloryanna Terhune, p. 18; photos of this event are included in her book.)


Garrett and Catherine Terhune had 10 children, the oldest of whom is next in our direct line:


          i.        Stephen Terhune (b. 28 May 1779, d. 7 Sept 1856, m.

                   Elizabeth Green

          ii.       Maria  Terhune (b. 4 Nov. 1780, Harlingen, NJ,

                   d. 27 May 1862  Harrodsburg, KY(m. Peter Demott

                   19 Mar 1796)

          iii.      Margaret Terhune (b. 1784 Harlingen, NJ, d. 1860

                   Harrodsburg, KY, m. 5 Apr 1802 Henry Comingore)

iv.      Isaac Terhune (b. 20 Mar 1785, Harlingen, NJ, m. 14 Nov

           1815, Anna Camine, d. 6 Oct. 1829)

v.       Garret Terhune (b. 12 Aug 1787 Harlingen, NJ, m. 16 Jan 1814,

Rachel Rynerson.  Garret d. 10 Nov 1871)

          vi.      Peter  Terhune (b. 9 May 1790 Harlingen, NJ, d. 17 Apr 1855,

Harrodsburg, KY;  m.(1) Lucy Eaton, (2) Agnes Houchins)

          vii.     John Terhune (b. ca 1793; d. 1875, Harrodsburg, KY.; m.

                   Prudence Eaton)

          viii.    William  T. Terhune (twin) b. ca 1794, d.1857 (m. Sarah Hart)

          ix.      Ruloff  (Rule) Terhune (twin), b. ca. 1794; d. 1839,

                   Harrodsburg, Ky., m. Betsy Green

          x.       Eva Jane Terhune (m. Henry Whitenack)


NOTEPeter Terhune and Agnes Houchins Terhune appear in the 1850 Mercer Co., KY census, p. 339a, with their daughters Paulina, age 9, and Ann, age 7.  By 1860 Peter had died and Agnes appears in the 1860 census, age 60, living with her daughter George Ann 18 and her husband C.S. Vanarsdell.  On 20 March 1859, Paulina Terhune married John Benjamin Silcox, and they became the parents of Rose Emma Silcox, first wife of John B. Mattingly.  (see MATTINGLY and SILCOX)   


Sources of Information:


Bible Records and Family Information of Residents (Past and Present), compiled by Alma Ray Sanders Ison for the Harrodsburg Historical Society, Harrodsburg, KY, 1986.


7th generation


Stephen Terhune



Elizabeth Green



 Stephen Terhune was the eldest of 10 children of Garret Terhune and Catharine Van Nuys Terhune.  He was born 28 May 1779, and was baptized at Harlingen, New Jersey, on July 2, 1779.  He went with his parents to Mercer County, Kentucky, in 1793, where he married Elizabeth Green on 2 Mar 1802.  She was born August 20, 1780, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Green.  (Information from Mercer County marriage records)


According to the Van Nuys family history book written in 1916, Elizabeth “was a woman of fine proportions, and she had an abundance of glossy black hair which never turned gray.  At the time of her death, her hair was as richly black as it had been in her prime.” (p. 30)


Stephen and Elizabeth lived on a farm near Harrodsburg and had 12 children, the oldest of whom, Garrett Terhune, is next in line of descendants.  Stephen died of dysentery 7 Sept 1856 and Elizabeth died 13 Sept 1857 of paralysis (information from Kentucky Vital Records).   Both Stephen and Elizabeth are buried in the old Peter (Houchins/Terhune) family burying-ground near Harrodsburg. (Gloryanna Terhune, p. 21)


Their children were as follows:


i.        Garret S. Terhune (b. 12 Jan 1803; d. 29 Sept 1862) m.

          Rachel Cozatt  (see Cozatt)

ii.       William G. Terhune (b. 6 Jun 1804, d. 15 Dec 1859 in Franklin,

          IN; m. 16 Nov 1823 Charlotte Tumey)

          iii.      Isaac Terhune (b.23 Jan 1806; d. 18 Apr 1887;  m. 15 Oct. 1829

Sarah Vanarsdall)

          iv.      Catherine Terhune (b. 14 Jul 1807, d. 10 Apr 1868; m. 12 Mar

                   1831, John B. Vanarsdall)

          v.       Charity Terhune (b. ca 1812; d. 11 Mar 1849) m. 9 Oct 1821,

                   Abram Brewer Vanarsdall)

          vi.      Eliza Terhune   (m. 28 May 1834 Andrew Whiteneck)

          vii.     Stephen Terhune  (died in 1832, Black Hawk War; unmarried)

          viii.    John Terhune (died in Cincinnati, Ohio; unmarried)

          ix.      Abram Terhune (b. 10 Apr 1819; d. 12 Jan 1901; m. 12 Oct

                   1843 Cynthia Ann Young) (parents of Anna Eliza)

x.       Mary Terhune (m. 15 Jul 1852 Garret Terhune, a cousin,

          d. bef. 1855)

          xi.      Martha Terhune (b. 16 Apr 1823, m. 2 Dec. 1849 Jerry


          xii.     James G. Terhune (b. 23 Jul 1826; d. 2 May 1872, Harrodsburg,

                    KY, m. Mollie Welch


Stephen Terhune appears in the 1840 Mercer Co., KY census, p. 205, as a male 60-70, with female 50-60 (Elizabeth), 1 male 10-15 (James 14) and 2 females 15-20 (Mary and Martha).  His son Abram Terhune lives alone next door and appears in the census as Abram Terhune, male 20-30.


The family appears in the 1850 Mercer Co., KY census as Stephen Terhune 73,  Elizabeth 58, Mary 29, and James 23.  Also, Mary Vanarsdall, 3, lives with them.  She is their granddaughter, daughter of Charity who died in 1849.


Stephen Terhune's will was written 25 April 1855 and proved September 1856.  He names his children as follows:  Garret S. Terhune, William Terhune, Isaac Terhune, Abraham Terhune, James G. Terhune, Catharine Vanarsdall, Eliza Whitenack, and Martha Twemey.   Two daughters, Charity Vanarsdall and Mary Terhune, were deceased.       


Additional sources of information:

 Mercer Co. KY Records #1—Marriages 1786-1850: Terhune,  Abraham & Young, Sinthia Ann 9 Oct. 1843.

Mercer Co., KY Will Book 15, p. 298.


 8th generation


Garret S. Terhune



Rachel Cozatt



Photo:  Garrett Terhune & Rachel Cozatt Terhune


(from Gloryanna Terhune’s book)


Garret S. Terhune was the oldest son of Stephen Terhune and Elizabeth Green Terhune, born January 12, 1803, in Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky.  He married Rachel Cozatt, on 19 Feb. 1822. (Mercer County marriage records, p. 57)  She was born October 10, 1805, in Harrodsburg, KY, the daughter of Jacob Cozatt and Margaret Comingore Cozatt  (see COZATT and  COMINGORE )


Garret was a wagonmaker.  He died 29 Sept 1862.  Rachel died 7 Jun 1886.  Both are buried in the Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Harrodsburg, KY.


Garret and Rachel had nine children.  Their youngest child, Garret, is next in our line of descendants.  Their children were:


i.  Mary Jane Terhune (b. 26 Aug 1823, d. after 1900, did not marry)

ii. Margaret C. Terhune (b. 11 May 1825; m. 4 Mar 1845, I.W. Tucker,

     d. after 1900)

iii. Stephen S. Terhune (b. 25 Jul 1827; d. 11 Apr 1896; m. 6 Jan 1867

        Anne Jane (Jinkie) Terhune, 1843-1900, dtr of John Demotte Terhune)

iv. William Holman Terhune (b. 25 Nov. 1829; m. 23 Nov 1854,  Eliza Jane

       Finnel, d. 20 Jun 1920)

v.  David Cozatt Terhune (b. 1 Jul 1833; d. 24 Nov 1900; m. 24 Nov 1854

     Ellen Springer 1835-1905)

vi. Elizabeth Terhune (b. 5 Mar 1836; m. 21 Dec 1852 William H. Tumey)

vii. Anna Jane Terhune (b. 6 Dec 1837; d. 13 Mar 1904; m. May  1858 Jerry

        Tumey 1824-1896)

viii. Isaac Westerfield Terhune (b. 22 Dec. 1838; d. 14 Mar 1915;

       m. Sarah C. Vanfleet 1841-1915)

ix.  Garret S. Terhune  (b. 4 Jan 1843, d. 12 Feb 1897; m. his cousin

        Anna Eliza Terhune)


This family appears in the 1850 Mercer County, KY census, p. 338, as follows:


          Terhune,  Garret 48

          Rachel 45

          Mary 29

          Stephen 23

          Holman 21

          David 18

          Elizabeth 14

          Ann 12

          Isaac 11

          Garrett 9


1860 Mercer Co., KY census, image 83:  G.S. Terhune 57, Rachael 55, Mary 36, Stephen S. 33, Isaac W. 21, Garrett 18, W.H. Terhune 31, Eliza V. 24.


Garret Terhune’s Division of Land (Mercer Co., KY Will Book 17, p. 489, 1863) names heirs as follows:  Holeman  Terhune, D.C.  Terhune, Jeremiah Tewmey and wife, Isaac W. Terhune, S.S. Terhune, Mary Terhune, William Tewmey and wife.


The 1870 Mercer County, KY census, p. 531, shows Rachel Terhune 65, living with her daughter Mary 45.  They are not found in the 1880 census.


* * * * * * *


8th  Terhune generation (continued)


Abram Terhune



Cynthia Ann Young




Photos—thanks to Barbara Terhune!


Abram Terhune


Cynthia Young Terhune


Abram Terhune was born 20 April 1819, the 9th of 12 children of Stephen Terhune and Elizabeth Green.   


Cynthia Ann Young was born 3 November 1825 in Mercer Co., KY, the daughter of David Young and Nancy Neale.  (See YOUNG)


Abram and Cynthia were married in Mercer Co., KY on 12 October 1843.


Abram and Cynthia had the following children:


i.  Anna Eliza Terhune 1846-1930 m. her cousin Garret S. Terhune


ii. Arrobelle "Belle" Terhune 1849-1930 m. William B. Terhune



iii.  Julia Terhune 1851-1857


iv. Thomas Terhune 1854-1944 m. Errinda Cloyd 1854-1939


v.  Henry Terhune 1857-1901


vi.  Harvey Terhune 1857-1937 m. Mattie L. Jenkins d. 1960


vii. William G. Terhune 1859-1873


viii.  Katie Terhune 1863-1942 m. Jefferson Robards (1848-1920)


ix.  Robert Brewer Terhune 1865-1942 m. Angeline "Anna" Dean



x.  Edgar Terhune 1869-1942 m. Evelyn (1879-1962)



Abram Terhune appears in the 1840 Mercer Co., KY census, p. 205, living alone next door to his parents.



 The family appears in the 1850 Mercer Co., KY, census, p. 313 as follows:


          Terhune, Abram 31,

                   wife Cynthia 23,

                   Anna Eliza 4

                   Arabella 1.


1860 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY census, p. 623 ( image 79):  Terhun, Abraham 41, Synthia 32, Anna Eliza 13, Arabella 11, Thomas 6, Henry 3, William 6 mos.


1870 Mercer Co., KY census, image 7:  Abram Terhune 56, Cynthia 44, Eliza 23, Bell 20, Thomas 16, Harry 13, Arthur 10, Robber 3, Kay 7, Eddie 1.


The family appears in the 1880 Mercer Co., KY census as follows:


          Terhune, Abraham 61

                   Cynthia 55

                   Harvey 22

                   Katie 17

                   Robert 14

                   Eddie 11


Cynthia Young Terhune died 6 July 1894 in Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY.


Abram Terhune was not found in the 1900 census.


Abram died 12 Jan 1901 in Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY.  His obituary in the Harrodsburg newspaper of January 17, 1901, reads as follows:


"Mr. Abram Terhune died of pneumonia Saturday at his late home on the Cornishville pike, four miles from town.  His funeral was held at his residence, Monday, at 11 a.m., where a large assemblage of relatives and friends gathered to pay respect to his memory.  Rev. C. J. Nugent was the officiating minister to speak words of comfort on that occasion, and his mortal remains were followed to their last resting place in Spring Hill cemetery and laid tenderly to rest beside his aged companion.  He was an honest, upright citizen, a kind, indulgent father, and exemplary Christian.  He leaves three daughters, Mrs. Anna E. Terhune, Mrs.  W. B.  Terhune, and Mrs. Jeff Robards, and four sons, Messrs. Thomas, Harvey, Robert, and Edgar Terhune.  He was 81 years of age and had resided all his life at his old home in Mercer county.  Many were his friends, for to know him and his spotless character was but to admire and love him."


The Terhune/Ransdell Homeplace


Photo taken in 1971


(source:  Burnice Ransdell, Sr., gave this information to Mary Ruth Nelson Ransdell on March 27, 1976)


On the  Cornishville Road about three miles from Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY, near Cloyd, Abe Terhune built a log cabin in about 1846.  He died about 1899.  His daughter Hannah “Anna” Eliza Terhune was born in the log house about 1846.  She died about 1930 at the age of 84 years. 


The new house was built onto the log cabin and the log cabin was used as a kitchen. In the new house was a combination living-bedroom, long hall, two other bedrooms.  There was an L-shaped porch that had an entrance to the basement or cellar of the log cabin.  The floor of the log cabin was made of rock, but has since been changed to a concrete floor.  The log cabin had an arched fireplace that has now been reopened.  Garrett Terhune, Jr., built two rooms upstairs and put shaved white oak boards on the roof that lasted for 50 years, and it was replaced by Garrett’s son-in-law Joseph Jackson Ransdell.


I believe that all of the children of Abe and Anna Terhune, including Laura Bell Terhune, were born in that house.   


Granny Anna Terhune lived there with her daughter Laura Bell Terhune Ransdell for 20 years.  Anna died at the age of 84 years in 1930 and her funeral was held at the house. 


William (W.H. “Happy”) Terhune, son of Anna and Garrett Terhune, Jr., was born June 26, 1882, upstairs in the new house.  His mother Anna was still in bed with the baby and his sister Lucy was leaning on the chimney, when lightning came down the chimney, killing Lucy, and ran all around the bed and didn’t hurt Will nor his mother.


The house was owned in 1962 by Grover Darland and was put up for estate auction on November 17, 1962.  As of March 25, 1976, a family of Willie B. Horn lived there.


Further information on this family:


Belle Terhune and her husband William B. Terhune appear in the 1910 Mercer Co., KY census at ages 61 and 62 with their son Eugene 27, his wife Myrtle 25, and their son Roy 1.  They were not found in the 1920 census.  Belle Terhune died 14 August 1930 at the age of 80, and William B.  Terhune died 7 August 1940 at age 92.


Thomas Terhune and his wife Errinda appear in the 1910 Mercer Co., KY census as Tomas Terhme 55, wife Errind 55, son Shannon 27, and son Plumer 15.  They appear in the 1920 Mercer Co., KY census, p. 1A, as Thomas Terhune 65, wife Errinda 64.   Errinda died 8 March 1939 at age 84, and Thomas died 30 November 1944 at age 90.


Harvey Terhune and his wife Mattie appear in the 1920 Mercer Co., KY census, page 15B, as Harvey Terhune 52, Mattie 35, son Gray 17, son Grant 11, son C___ 9, son James 5, and son Martin 2 mos.  Harvey died 5 September 1937 at age 80, and Mattie L. Terhune died 13 August 1960 at age 77.


Kate C. Terhune and her husband Jefferson Robards appear in the 1910 Mercer Co., KY census, ages 47 and 61, with daughter Nellie Lou 16 and son Hugh J. 10.  They appear in the 1920 Mercer Co., KY census, p. 11B,  as Jeff Robards 70, Kate 54, daughter Nellie Lou 26, and son Hugh 21.  The census was taken in January 1920, and in May of that year Jefferson Robards died at age 72.    Kate died in 1944 at the age of 80.


Robert Terhune and his wife Anna appear in the 1910 Mercer Co., KY census as Robert Terhine 44, Anna 45, Paul 18, Clyde 17,  Virgil 16, Lucille 14, Garnitt (may be Garrett) 12, Lafon 8, Ruth 6, Fayrene 4, and Anna 2.  They appear in the 1920 Mercer Co., KY census, p. 1A, as Robert Terhune 54, Anna 55, Paul A. 29, Virgil 25, Garrett H. 21, Lafon 17,  Ruth 16, Lucille 14, and Anna 12.  Robert died 21 May 1942 at age 76, and Anna died 27 December 1947 at age 83.


Edgar Terhune and his wife Evelyn appear in the 1910 Boyle Co., KY census as Edgar Teshune 40, Evolin 30, and son Austin 3.  They appear in the 1920 Boyle Co., KY census as Ed Terhune 49, Evelyn 39, and Austin 13.  Evelyn died 11 November 1962 at age 83, and Edgar died 9 August 1942 at age 72.


Sources of information:

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 Ky death cert: Edgar Terhune, 72,  Boyle Co., 9 Aug 1942, vol. 35 #17316.

 Ky death cert:  Jefferson Robards, 72, Mercer Co., 27 May 1920, vol. 030 #14669.

 Ky death cert: Kate Robards, 80, Mercer Co., 7 Jan 1944, vol. 006 #02627.



9th  Terhune generation


Garret Terhune



Anna Eliza Terhune



Garret S. Terhune, Jr., was born January 4, 1843, in Mercer County, Kentucky, the ninth and youngest child of Garret S. Terhune and Rachel Cozatt Terhune.


Anna Eliza Terhune was born 4 May 1846 in Mercer County, KY.  She was the oldest child of Abram Terhune and Cynthia Ann Young Terhune.


Garret and Anna were first cousins, their fathers being brothers, sons of Stephen Terhune and Elizabeth Green Terhune.


Garret and Anna Eliza were married in about 1864.  They had 9 children, the oldest of whom, Laura Bell, is next in our line of descendants. 


Garret Terhune died February 12, 1898, at age 55.


Anna Eliza died 20 Sept 1930 at age 84.  Both are buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery, Harrodsburg, Ky.


Their children were as follows:


i.   Laura Bell Terhune  (1865-1942) m. Joseph Jackson Ransdell  (see


ii.  Mildred ("Mittie") Terhune, b. 18 Feb 1867, m. 27 June 1888

       John J. Robertson, d. 30 Dec 1945)

iii.  Margaret Terhune, b. 4 June 1872; m. Robert Ransdell, d. 31 Dec 1963

iv.   Robert d. 29 Jun 1946)

v.   Lucy Terhune (b. 1869, d. June 1882 (struck by lightning))

vi.  Price Terhune (b. 23 Oct. 1875, m. 12 Aug 1897 Lillie B. Jackson;

          d. 18 Feb. 1923, Mercer Co.; Lillie d. 12 Oct         1959)

vii.  Owen H. (b. 1878; m. Hallie B. Clark, 4 Dec 1898;  d. 10 May 1958,

     Mercer Co.; Hallie d. 15 Jun 1947)

viii.  Abraham Terhune (b. 5 Jun 1880, Mercer Co., d. 9 Apr 1963

    Cuyahoga Co., OH; m. (1) Julia;  (2)  Luetta Rigney; (3)  Freda

ix.  William Holman Terhune (b. 26 Jun 1882, m. Anna Collier;  d. 17 Sept

      1973, Boyle Co., KY; Anna d. 26 Aug 1952)

x.  Allen Terhune (b. 25 Mar 1883, d. 7 Aug 1888, age 5).


The family appears in the 1870 Mercer Co., KY census, p. 531, as follows:


          TERHUNE, Garrett 27

                   Anna 24

                   Laura 5

                   Milly 3

                   Lucy 1


They appear in the 1880 Mercer Co., KY census as follows:


          TERHUNE, Garrett 35

                   Anna 30

                   Laura 15

                   'Mit' 12

                   Lucy 10

                   Maggie 6

                   Price 5

                   Owen 2


Garrett Terhune died February 12, 1898.

"Mr. Garrett Terhune, aged 55, died of appendicitis, Saturday morning, at his home two miles west of town. He was the youngest of the nine children of Garrett and Rachel Terhune. He leaves a widow and seven children, Mrs. Joseph Ransdall, Mrs. John Robinson, Mrs. Robert Ransdall and Messrs. Price, Owen, Abram and William Terhune. He was ill only nine days and during that time suffered intense pain and bore it with christian fortitude. From the first of his illness, he was fully impressed that his end was approaching and made his peace with his God. If by faith, through grace, the penitent sinner is saved, there is no doubt that our friend Garrett is now in the home of the blessed. He was a kind and affectionate husband and father and a most obliging and considerate neighbor. The funeral was conducted, Sunday afternoon, at Mt. Pleasant church, by Rev. W. O. Goodloe, D. D., and the interment was in the church yard where his sainted mother and other members of his family lie buried.
(The Sayings, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Ky, Wed Feb 16, 1898) ”


Garret Terhune Tombstone

Mercer Co., KY census of 1900:  Eliza Terhune, widow, 53; son Abe 19, dtr-in-law Julia 20 (?), son Will 18.


Mercer Co., Ky census of 1910:  Anna E. Terhune, 65; Abraham son 31; Luetta daughter-in-law 20; Lida M. granddaughter NR.


Anna Eliza Terhune was not found in the 1920 census.


In the Mercer Co., Ky census of 1930, page 1A, Annie Terhune, 84, is living with her daughter Laura and son-in-law J. J. Ransdell.


Anna Eliza Terhune's obituary in the Harrodsburg Herald of September 26, 1930, read as follows:


“Mrs. Anna Eliza Terhune, 84, widow of the late Garrett Terhune, died Saturday of infirmities incident to her many years.  With her passing closed a good life, rich in deeds of charity and devotion to family and friends.  Mrs. Terhune was a native of Mercer County, her ancestors dating back to pioneer days.  Early in life she united with the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church and was always devout in her loyalty to it.  Her funeral was on Monday afternoon at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ransdell, conducted by the Rev. J. W. Carpenter, of the United Presbyterian church at Harrodsburg.  Burial was in Spring Hill Cemetery.  Mrs. Terhune is survived by the following children:  Mrs. J. J. Ransdell, Mrs. J. J. Robertson, Messrs. Owen, Abram and William Terhune.  She also leaves one sister, Mrs. Kate Robards, and three brothers, Messrs. Robert, Thomas and Harvey Terhune, 21 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren.  Out of town people here to attend the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Ransdell, Erlanger; J.T.  Ransdell, Covington; Mr. and Mrs.  William Terhune, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Terhune, Danville.”


 Further information on this family:


Mildred  “Mittie” Terhune and her husband John J. Robertson were found in the 1900 Mercer Co., KY census as follows:  John Robertson 34, Sep 1865, IN, m. 11 years; Mittie J. 33, Feb 1867, 5 children 4 living; son Arnold 10, Jun 1889; son Elmo M. 8, Mar 1892; son Julius E., 2, Aug 1897.

Her obituary appeared in the Harrodsburg Herald of 4 Jan 1946:  Mrs. Mittie Robertson, 78, widow of J. J. Robertson, died Sun. Dec. 30, 1945.  Dau of Garrett and Eliza Terhune, and native of Mercer Co.  Survivors include 3 sons, E.M. Robertson, Gilbert Robertson, J.G. Robertson, 9 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild; one sister, Mrs. Robert Ransdell, Harrodsburg, 3 brothers, Owen Terhune, Harrodsburg, H.H. Terhune, Danville, and Abe Terhune, Cleveland, O, and one stepdaughter, Mrs. Ollie Huffman of Danville.  Burial Spring Hill Cem.


Margaret “Maggie” Terhune and  her husband Robert Ransdell (son of Shelton and Amanda Wheeler Ransdell and a brother of Joseph Ransdell who married Maggie’s sister Laura) were found in the census as follows:  1920 Anderson Co., KY census:  Robert Ransdall 54, Maggie 46, Talmadge 23, Anna 21,  Beatrice Terhune niece 10 (daughter of Margaret's brother Abraham)l


1930 Anderson Co., KY census, p. 9B:  Ransdall, Robert 64 married first at 27, KY KY KY, farmer; Maggie J. wife 65 married first at 21; Anna M. dau 31.


Margaret is not listed as a survivor in her mother's obituary in 1930, but this must be an oversight because she is mentioned as the surviving widow of her husband Robert in 1946.


Robert’s obituary appeared in the Harrodsburg Herald, 5 July 1946:  Robert Ransdell, 81, retired Mercer Co. farmer, died 29 Jun 1946 at A.D. Price Memorial Hospital.  Son of Shelton and Melvina [should be Amanda] Wheeler Ransdell, native of Mercer Co.  Survivors: wife Margaret Terhune Ransdell, one son D.T. Ransdell, Louisville, connected with the post office staff, granddaughter Nancy Ransdell, Louisville, a number of nephews and nieces, among the latter being Mrs. Roy Heath who was reared in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Ransdell.   Burial in Spring Hill Cemetery.  [ The niece Beatrice Terhune, age 10 in the 1920 census, is the Mrs. Roy Heath mentioned in the obit as the niece raised in their home.]


Margaret Terhune Ransdell died at the age of 91 on 31 Dec 1963.


Price Terhune married Lillie Jackson on 11 Aug 1897.  They appear in the census as follows:  1900 Mercer Co., KY census, image 19:  Price Terhune 24, Oct 1875, married 3 years; wife Lillie B., Oct 1876, 1 child, 1 living; son Rayford 3, Mar 1898.


1910 Mercer Co., KY census:   Price Terhune 34, Lillie B. 33, Rayford 12 son, brother-in-law James Jackson Jr.


1920 Mercer Co., KY census:  Price Terhune 44, Lillie 43, Thelma 8 niece.


Obituary in Harrodsburg Herald of 23 Feb 1923:  Mr. Price Terhune, 47, died Sunday night after a week's illness with pneumonia induced by flu.  ... Survived by his wife and one son Rayfert, his mother Anna, and a number of brothers and sisters.   Interment in Spring Hill Cemetery.


1930 Lexington, Fayette, KY census, p. 28A, image 55:   Lillie J. Terhune, mother, widow, age 54, living with son Rayford Terhune & family.


Price’s widow Lillie died 12 October 1959.


Owen Terhune married Hallie Bell Clark, daughter of Evan G. and Mattie L. Powell Clark, on 4 Dec 1898.  They appear in the census as follows:


1900 Mercer Co., KY census:  Owen Terhune 22 b. 2/1878; wife Hallie 18 b. 5/1882.


1910 Mercer Co., KY census:  Owen H. Terhune, 30, Hallie H. 27, Garrett 8 son.


1920 Mercer Co., KY census:  O.H. Terhan, age 41, b. Ky, both parents born in Ky. owned farm free; wife Mollie (should be Hallie) age 38; son Garrett age 19.


Hallie Clark Terhune died June 15, 1947.


Owen H. Terhune died 10 May 1958 and is buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery.


Lucy Terhune appeared with the family in the 1870 and 1880 census but no further information is available about her.  Garrett Terhune's obituary in 1899 mentions 7 surviving children; Lucy must be one of the two who predeceased him (the other being Allen who died at age 5).


Abraham Terhune appeared in the 1900 Mercer Co., KY census living with his widowed mother and his wife Julia who was born in March 1880.  I have no further information on Julia.  Some sources say Abraham may have been married at some point  to Catherine Vanarsdall but I have not found a record of this information.


By 1910, according to the Mercer Co., KY census,  Abraham, age 31, is still living with his mother and his second (or third?) wife Luetta who is 20.  They have been married four years. They have an infant daughter named Lida.  Apparently Luetta had another daughter, Beatrice, later that year, possibly dying in childbirth.  The daughters were living with relatives in 1920.


Abraham was not found in the 1920 census.


Abe Terhune of Indianapolis, IN, named as survivor of his sister Laura Terhune Ransdell in 1942.


Abe Terhune of Cleveland, OH, named as survivor of his sister Mittie Terhune Robertson in 1946.


There is an Abe Terhune, age 46, in the 1930 census of Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH (p. 9B, image 18) with wife Freda L. 20.  He is a hammerman in a steel mill.


This is probably Abe Terhune’s death record in the Ohio Death Index:  TERUHUNE, ABE

Volume:  17281  Certificate:  35586

Date of Death:  April 09, 1963

Age:  82

Marital Status:  Widowed

Residence:  Parma, Cuyahoga County

Place of Death:  Cleveland, Cuyahoga County



William Holman Terhune married Anna B. Collier, daughter of Hiram and Margaret M.  Collier, in about 1903 and they had two daughters.  They appear in the 1920 Boyle Co., KY census as follows:  Will Terhune 37, Anna 32, Natalie 14, Lorene 10.  They were not found in the 1930 census.


Anna Collier Terhune died 26 August 1952.  Will Terhune died 17 September 1973.



Sources of information:

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Ky Death Index:  TERHUNE  WILLIAM  H  091  BOYLE  BOYLE  09-17-1973  044  21899


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