The Helm Family


Ancestors of Nancy Ann Helm


1st generation


Leonard Helm



Elizabeth Meredith


          Leonard Helm was born about 1660 in Goosnargh, Lancashire, England, the son of Thomas Helme (b. 1630 in Goosnargh, Lancashire, England) and M. Lynbaugh.[1]


          Leonard married Elizabeth Meredith (no information about her or her family) and they had 9 children, the second of whom was Thomas Helm.  All of the children were born in England, so the family came to America after 1719.  However, Thomas came to America earlier than that, as one of his children was born in 1716.


          Leonard died between 25 September and 6 November 1745 in Fredrick County, VA when his will was written and probated.  His wife was not mentioned, so she probably died before him.

2nd generation


Thomas Helm



Margaret Lynaugh

(b. 1694)



            Thomas Helm was born about 1687 in Goosnargh, Lancashire, England, the son of Leonard Helm and Elizabeth Meredith. [2]


          Thomas apparently came to America before 1716, and his parents and younger brothers and sisters came after 1719.


          Thomas married Mary Lynaugh who was born in 1694 in Fauquair Co., VA.  No further information about her or her family.


          Thomas and Mary had 9 children between 1715 and 1741, one of whom was Nancy Ann Helm who married Henry Bruce Floyd.  (see FLOYD).

End Notes

[1] Sarah's Ancestors posting on by Becky Teubner. 

[2] Ibid.  Also, History of the Helm Family of Kentucky by Rev. Ben Helm, p. 13.

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